Generative AI

Started in August 2023

AI voice cloning is already being used for spear phishing. In the near future, companies may be targeted by criminals. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that PCSI partners are adequately prepared for AI voice calls.

Project Proposal

The aim of the project is to develop a solution that provides the call recipient (e.g. helpdesk, customer service, engineers, procurement officers) with an indication that the caller may be using AI to generate or disguise a voice.

Expected benefits of the Generative AI project?

To ensure  that we are adequately prepared enough for AI voice calls.

Why do we want to work on this idea within the PCSI?

Build a shared knowledge base on deepfake audio detection. Develop a solution with input from multiple partners. The project is open to liaison partners.

Our use-case: combating vishing (voice-phishing)

Three main techniques: bulk-vishing, spear-vishing, identity theft/impersonation.

Activities in Explore phase

  • What is the potential threat to business partners?
  • What commercial and open source tools are already available to create AI voices?
  • What are our options for obtaining training data?
  • How would you potentially integrate a solution?

This project is part of the trend

50 Opportunity and threat February 2025

Increase of the use of generative AI

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