Dutch Tax and Customs Administration joins PCSI

The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) has added the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration to its ranks as a new core partner. The joint partners – ABN AMRO, Achmea, ASML, ING, de Volksbank, TNO, and now de Dutch Tax and Customs Administration – cooperate in the area of cyber security innovation. The partnership positions itself as an open innovation platform and aims to make Dutch society more secure and resilient against future cyber-attacks. 


By giving them a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise, the PCSI offers its partners a unique opportunity to develop innovative cyber security solutions that boost the cyber resilience of both individual companies and Dutch society in general. The innovation projects include a variety of cyber security challenges, from advanced detection systems to software for structuring data automatically and human-factor solutions. 

Jan Polkerman, Chief Technology Officer at the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration: “The IV Directorate is developing into a modern tech organization that delivers faster, more reliably and more predictably. Citizens and companies expect this of us. By joining the PCSI we are strengthening security and hence availability, and we are reinforcing our foundation.”

Broad view of cyber security trends

All PCSI partners use the PCSI Cyber Security Radar to periodically select a number of current trends relevant to them. They then launch new innovation projects addressing these trends. The partners' top experts tackle these challenging cyber security issues and work together to develop highly innovative solutions that all PCSI partners can adopt immediately in many cases. The results are widely shared. 

Reinder Wolthuis, TNO Program Manager for the PCSI: “We are delighted that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has joined the PCSI. This is an organisation with a high level of maturity and considerable expertise in the area of cyber security. Their joining us will enhance the partnership’s innovative capacity. I look forward to working closely with them on innovations that will improve cyber security in our society.”

About the PCSI

The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) plays an essential role in ensuring a secure and resilient digital society by developing cyber security innovations. The PCSI partners develop applicable and innovative cyber security solutions that stakeholders in Dutch society can use to protect themselves against tomorrow’s cyber-attacks. By collaborating closely in an innovative ecosystem, the PCSI partners take a unique approach to connecting applied research, up-to-date data and societal challenges in the area of cyber security. 

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