The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) plays a prominent role in the protection of Dutch society against tomorrow's cyber-attacks

Only through collaboration with the best-in-class we will achieve our high ambitions

Therefore we are looking for cooperation with any Dutch organisation with a mature security posture, an innovative forward-looking and leadership mindset, and prepared and willing to contribute and share.

By working closely together in an innovative ecosystem, we connect applied research, actual data and societal challenges in the field of cyber security. This way of working enables us to develop applicable, innovative cyber security solutions that companies and organisations in Dutch society can use to protect themselves against tomorrow's cyber-attacks.


  • Increase resilience

    Increase resilience level of Dutch society and participating organisations against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Long term

    Prepare participating organisations for emerging and long term cyber security challenges.
  • Open innovation

    Stimulate open innovation, visibility, and impact by building an engaged security ecosystem.

Why collaborate in the Partnership?

Partners benefit from this intensive collaboration in several ways

They enhance their own cyber resilience, while at the same time contribute to the cyber resilience of Dutch society

Their own security experts are continuously challenged and gain knowledge while working with others on the cutting edge of security innovation

They can work on security innovations much more effectively because knowledge, data, and funding are shared. 

Together we can stay ahead of challenges that face us

Security Innovation ecosystem

Some of the key characteristics of the PCSI security innovation ecosystem are: 

Dynamic (agile) way of working, that provides ample opportunities to adjust the research and respond to actual developments
Embedded and continuous innovation management process, based on strategic decision making
Strong foundation in society
Intense and flexible cooperation, also with parties outside the ecosystem
Very visible to the outside world through communication & sharing of knowledge 
A strong focus on follow-up of innovation results, ensuring that they will serve their intended goal and use.

The process

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GO NO GO NO GO NO GO NO Expert brainstormsEvery 4 months Ideationworkshop Security radarIdentifies relevant themes Strategical selectionEvery 4 months Theme Selection Roadmap themes projects experience Experiment and validateEvery 4 months Stagedinnovation Validated idea Handover to 3 rd party Minimum Viable Product Validated MVP Prototype Explore Pilot Exploit Proof ofconcept

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We make our own organizations and society more resilient by targeted innovation


Will you join us?

For more information about the Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation, please contact Reinder Wolthuis, Program Manager PCSI at TNO.