Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation expands with ASML

PCSI welcomes ASML as a new core partner. This consortium aims to make Dutch society more robust and secure against the cyber-attacks of tomorrow. Joint partners ABN AMRO, Achmea, ING, de Volksbank, TNO and ASML are working together closely on new innovations in the cybersecurity domain. 

Benefiting from the results

Ten innovation projects are currently underway within PCSI on a variety of cybersecurity challenges, from technical AI and phishing problems to human-factor topics. Experts from all PCSI partners are being challenged to use their knowledge to the fullest. Thanks to close collaboration, all PCSI partners benefit from the shared expertise and outcomes, which they could never have acquired alone. 

As a new partner within PCSI, ASML is delighted to contribute to the development of cutting edge security solutions. By working together with our peers, we can come up with creative solutions more quickly than if each of us works on their own. In this way, we hope to contribute to the cybersecurity innovation force to increase the resilience of ourselves, our partners and the broader society.
Aernout Reijmer, CISO ASML

Broad view of cybersecurity trends

The trends on the PCSI Cyber Security Radar form the basis for innovative cybersecurity projects. These trends are determined periodically by all PCSI partners. This regular update keeps the Radar as current as possible and allows for a direct response to topics and developments that are relevant to all partners. With the joining of ASML, PCSI will be working more across sectors and will be looking at cybersecurity beyond the financial sector. 

Reinder Wolthuis, Program Manager of the PCSI: ‘We are proud that ASML is joining the consortium. This allows us to expand our partnership with a company outside of the financial sector, providing a refreshing new dynamic. You can tell that cybersecurity is top of mind everywhere right now. With the expertise and cybersecurity challenges that this new partner contributes, we can further increase our innovative clout and our results are applicable to a wider audience.’ 

About PCSI

The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation makes a vital contribution to a secure and resilient digital society through innovation in cybersecurity. Within PCSI, applicable, innovative cybersecurity solutions are developed that allow stakeholders in Dutch society to protect themselves against the cyber-attacks of tomorrow. By working together closely via an innovative ecosystem, the PCSI partners connect applied research, current data, and issues from society in the field of cybersecurity in a unique way. 

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