Why join PCSI?

The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) is a unique opportunity to be part of a collaborative cyber security innovation ecosystem. By joining, scarce expertise and resources of all partners are used way more effectively than each partner could on an indivual basis. At the same time, the partnership upgrades your innovation output, branding and network. 

Your success factors

Shared workload

You allocate your resources to work on the complex themes that matter to you. At the same time you benefit from the shared expertise and resources of all other partners. Our project teams combine unique sets of expertise that complement and reinforce each other. This makes working on cyber security innovation much more effective!

Shared budget

By combining all partnership funding, we create a pooled innovation budget, which results in a multiplied program value for each and every partner. On top of this collective partnership funding, we have a secured government-backed matching fund that doubles the collective innovation budget. PCSI receives funding from national government (Holland High Tech with a PPP Grant for Research and Innovation in Top Sector HTSM) for each private company that joins the PCSI as a core partner.

Shared learnings

To optimise our output and impact, PCSI partners make use of anonymized data to relevant projects. By using anonimized data, we enhance the quality and quantity of testing procedures and consequently the quality of the end result. All learnings and results from projects are fully shared with all partners, even those that have not participated in a certain project themselves. Our key findings are also proactively shared outside of the partnership in order to increase their impact and foster a higher digital resilience of society.

Your benefits 

  • Increase your cyber security and resilience by innovating in an effective and efficient way
  • Become part of an innovation ecosystem that links partners to a large network of government bodies, research institutes, corporates and startups/scaleups via online and face-to-face platforms and events
  • Your own security experts are continuously challenged and gain excellent knowledge in hard and soft skills while working with peers on the cutting edge of cyber security innovation

The perks of being a PCSI partner?

Read more about participation in our innovation ecosystem and opportunities to become a partner.

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