PCSI membership

The PCSI has a membership model and embraces open innovation. This means that we are building to expand the PCSI with new members, both full (core) members, that both contribute in-cash and in-kind, but also with liaison members (contributing only in-kind) that are end-users, and vendors, research institutes, universities etc. In this way, we aim to build a broad community to ensure the adoption of PCSI results.

  • Innovate with us to prepare for future security challenges 
  • Be involved in shaping and overall direction of the partnership
  • Get a seat at the table to select relevant themes
  • Decide which topics you want your workforce to collaborate on 
  • Be included and gain exposure in external communication and marketing

Join us

Only through collaboration with the best-in-class, we will achieve our high ambitions! Therefore we are looking for cooperation with any Dutch organisation with a mature security posture, an innovative forward-looking and leadership mindset, and prepared and willing to contribute and share.

Active cooperation is possible in two ways:

  • PCSI Core Partner
    For organisations with a mature security posture, an innovative, forward-looking leadership mindset and is prepared and willing to contribute in cash and in kind. Read more >
  • PCSI Liaison Partner
    For organisations that want to be involved in the PCSI ecosystem and invest some time. They will be kept up-to-date on the PCSI developments and can be invited to participate in individual projects and activities. Read more >

For more information on the membership and the participation opportunities, please contact Reinder Wolthuis. 

Photo of Reinder Wolthuis

Reinder Wolthuis

Program Manager PCSI at TNO

Reinder is an experienced cyber security innovator and leader, that preferably is in the lead of large and challenging cyber security innovation programs and projects. He considers himself capable of combining a strategic view with concrete ideas on how to realize tangible and usable results. He is loyal and reliable, likes to stimulate cooperation and tries to put in humor where possible. 


+31 6 519 133 79

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