Growing interdependencies between parties in the (globalized) supply chain

Recorded on 5 July 2022

Growing interdependencies between parties in the (globalized) supply chain

Main guest: Beate Zwijnenberg, Global CISO at ING

In this episode, Beate Zwijnenberg talks about her role as Global CISO at ING and she describes a number of cyber trends like ransomware and vulnerabilities in the supply chain. Beate goes into detail about the growing dependencies on third parties, the security risks this entails and how ING is dealing with it. 

We work together in the digital domain and dependencies in the IT field are increasing. It is of great importance to know all about the security level and reliability of your suppliers. Together we will have to find a way to manage this effectively.
Beate Zwijnenberg

Biswajit Behera, Lead Third Party Risk Management at ING tells us more about how to measure the trust and security level of third parties in a uniform way. He explains the challenges he faces in standardizing this and what solutions are feasible. 

Our dependency on suppliers is inevitable. With a globally diverse supplier ecosystem, assessing cyber-risk efficiently at scale remains a challenge.
Biswajit Behera

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Growing interdependencies between parties in the (globalized) supply chain

Organizations are working together with and utilize products from software vendors and equipment vendors all over the world. This causes an increase in dependency on third parties which are sometimes not that familiar. Vendor lock-in is one of the possible consequences, and it decreases the overall transparency on how data is managed or where it is stored. Furthermore, the overall security of an organization becomes dependent on the quality of security in the products and services of third parties.
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