Increase of malicious uses and abuses of AI

Recorded on 1 March 2022

Increase of malicious uses and abuses of AI

Main guest: Martijn Dekker, CISO at ABN AMRO

In this episode, Martijn Dekker talks about his managerial role and responsibilities as a CISO at ABN AMRO. What are the challenges for him and ABN AMRO? How does the bank deal with cyber-threats? What role does AI play in this? And how can he and his staff ensure that the bank remains safe? 

Martijn also talks about why ABN AMRO collaborates with other companies on cybersecurity innovation within the PCSI, and outlines which current trends in the cybersecurity landscape are important to the bank. He also explains why AI developments are both opportunities and threats, and explains what ABN AMRO is already doing in the field of AI. 

Within innovation, we also need to do things that we do not  fully understand yet. You have to be willing to explore. At the same time, innovation is also about having a dot on the horizon of where you want to go with actual implementation and application
Martijn Dekker

With Tiago Teles, Security Business Developer at ABN AMRO, we dive into the world of PurpleAI. Tiago explains what PurpleAI exactly is and how and why reinforcement learning is used within this project. He explains how the system will learn where the weak spot in the security is and how you can anticipate it in time, even before the hacker executes an actual attack. 

Up to what we have seen so far, the results of this project are very encouraging. This kind of technology can do things that we currently cannot do.
Tiago Teles

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Increase of malicious uses and abuses of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of systems to display (human) intelligent behavior with automatic decisions or decision support as a result. Smart algorithms offer new possibilities for linking different data sources. The use of counter AI and reinforced learning for detection could be a possible way to make cyber security more effective. AI is increasingly used by defenders and attackers both, e.g. red teaming can experience significant improvements as traditional penetration testing outpaced by today’s complexity. AI can be used to automatically find vulnerabilities, automatically patch, and automatically generate exploits. Explainability and responsibility must however always be taken into account.
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