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The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) is a public-private partnership and plays an essential role in a secure and resilient digital society by innovation in the field of cybersecurity. We join forces in developing applicable and innovative cyber security solutions that companies and organizations in Dutch society can use to protect themselves against tomorrow’s cyber-attacks.

By working together intensively through an innovative ecosystem, cyber security specialists and experts from our partners connect applied research, actual data and societal challenges uniquely by using each other's networks and working closely together on cyber security innovation. 

Members from PCSI partners, who have the relevant expertise and face similar threats in their daily work, combine their knowledge and workload in small and engaged project teams. This combination of expertises creates an effective and unique working experience.

Discover our objectives to learn more about our reasons for working together in cybersecurity with leading companies in the Netherlands. 

We are the Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation

In today's society, malicious attacks and cybercrime are our daily concerns.

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Cyberattacks can happen anytime, anywhere. Society faces the great challenge to prevent or repel them effectively. The necessary knowledge and expertise are scarce, yet essential to ensure digital security. A holistic approach with a focus on innovation is key to succeed on a long-term basis in a rapidly changing threat landscape. Collaboration is crucial to this: the collective is always stronger than the individual.
Reinder Wolthuis, Program Manager PCSI.
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