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Cyberattacks can happen anytime, anywhere. Society faces the great challenge to prevent or repel them effectively. The necessary knowledge and expertise are scarce, yet essential to ensure digital security. A holistic approach with a focus on innovation is key to succeed on a long-term basis in a rapidly changing threat landscape. Collaboration is crucial to this: the collective is always stronger than the individual.


The Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) joins forces in developing applicable and innovative cyber security solutions that companies and organisations in Dutch society can use to protect themselves against tomorrow’s cyber-attacks.

The objectives of all PCSI partners are:

  • Increasing the resilience of Dutch society against current cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Preparing all partners for emerging and long term cyber security challenges
  • Stimulating open innovation, visibility and impact 
  • Building an engaging network with cybersecurity professionals (innovation ecosystem) 

Relevant themes to work on

As a starting point to achieve these goals, our Cyber Security Radar points the way to the current security trends. We periodically select the most significant and impactful trends and generate concrete innovation projects for these trends. An agile way of working helps us to stay focused and continuously assess whether a project still is relevant. This way, we only work on topics that are relevant for all PCSI partners. 

Our shared knowledge and shared workload is combined in small and engaged project teams with members from PCSI partners who have the relevant expertise and face similar threats in their daily work. This combination of expertise creates an effective and unique working experience!

Innovation ecosystem

The PCSI is an innovation ecosystem for cyber security specialists and experts from various industries, in which we connect applied research, actual data and societal challenges in the field of cyber security. Within the ecosystem, leading companies exchange expertise, make use of each other's networks and work closely together on cyber security innovation. Together we are stronger in the fight against cybercrime!

More information

If you have any questions about the Partnership, do not hesitate to contact Reinder Wolthuis, Program Manager PCSI. He will be very happy to help you!

E reinder.wolthuis@tno.nl
M +31 6 519 133 79

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